Perhaps they had more hiccups to conquer
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I just sit there watching Peeta rip out the pages of the victors who were not picked.

'Why don't you get some sleep?' he says.

Because I can’t handle the nightmares. Not without you. I think. They are sure to be dreadful tonight. But I can hardly ask Peeta to come sleep with me. We’ve barely touched since that night Gale was whipped. ‘What are you going to do?’ I ask.

'Just review my notes awhile. Get a clear picture of what we're up against. But I'll go over it with you in the morning. Go to bed, Katniss,' he says.

CF, p192

The fact that Peeta went into training/coach mode is sexy to me. It’s also a great example of how his strength is his mind. He’s studying the past victors, watching their old tapes of Games and making sure everyone on their team is in the best shape possible. It’s definitely a piece of him I wish they could’ve translated to the screen.

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I’m actually very shy. I get embarrassed even when someone I do not know starts a casual conversation with me in a store. My wife and I have recently bought a puppy, and when I walk her, it’s a disaster: anyone who sees her, approaches, caresses her and starts to chat with me. In fact, look at how cute”(pulls out his phone and shows me the picture of the puppy)

Mockingjay Teaser Trailer: Super Important Exclusive Analysis!


OK, so my prediction for the actual trailer fell a bit short. (There’s still time though, Lionsgate). So I decided to go over the actual teaser trailer instead. Spoilers, so it’s under the cut.

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rebellion + districts

The guy who plays Thresh posted this on Instagram. Lol.

This is for the sake of those who truly believe in Joshifer


Each sighting or info needs to be analyzed in the light of what has happened recently. It can’t be taken as an isolated incident and then we just run away with it and think it’s the truth.
1)Example, C in Elena’s instagram. People just don’t want to analyze and do the research. They just…


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Josh goes for a cruise on his motorcycle in Hollywood, California on July 31, 2014

Those pants are painted on.

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Biggest celebrity girl crush?