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They should have chosen "Work it" as soundtrack... double!wedding!anon


YES! Thank you LOL
Cause the songs they’re choosing so far are..pretty much weird. I mean ,they even talked about including Nicky Minaj, like

What are we having here? A District 13 hip hop party?
District 13’s crew be like:”Yo,yo, Kat, u gotta be the Mjay and show them capitol bitches that ya own it!! Ya feel me?” And then Coin shows up and she’s like: U gonna be the Mjay, or we’re not gonna save your man,dude! And Katniss be like: Oh, hell naw! If you don’t save my motherfucking man, u gotta find another fucking mjay, cause I ain’t gonn’ do that shit without him !!” And we can have Rick Ross and Lil Wayne on the OST list as well! And ASAP Rocky and of course D12 !! I mean just look at the name! D12!

Don’t get me wrong, dude ,I love hip hop, but it just doesn’t sound Mockingjay-ish to me .. just sayin’

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Im laughing at Perez like wow they really are trying hard to sell this romance. If putting his arm around someone is being in love Josh sure is in love with alot of his co-stars as well as any other actors out there that has done the same.

Let’s go on a journey together. A journey of red carpets of past and apparently according to Perez Hilton all the women (and some men) Josh Hutcherson has been in love with because he’s had his arm around them.

The love birds.

He likes them a bit older, don’t judge him. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE. SO IN LOVE. IS THAT IS HAND ON HER ASS. Their babies will be adorable.

Oh yes, you dawg. Look at the body language, just filled with lust. It’s so thick I don’t know how everyone was properly oxygenated.

I don’t blame him. I’d bang Lenny too.

Oh god, finger placement, they are getting engaged next week.

Caught them in a private moment, such love.

Finger placement AGAIN. OMG!

Oh Josh, so many ladies, so little time.

Twofer, to be young again.


So one of the girls (Kaley) that “spoke” to Daily Mail about growing up with Jen, posted a message on Facebook, and damn this stuff was done in such a shady way!

"None of us made a penny. They lied to people at our church (and not just to people our age, old adults who work there too) saying they were doing a piece on Andy Strunk and growing up in the church for some fancy magazine They even showed up at random peoples door asking questions about who she dated then sold the info to the Daily Mail and it spread and made it to yahoo smh but all those pics of me and her were already on the Internet."