Perhaps they had more hiccups to conquer
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One interesting thing I learned this week is that the Scandal fandom has way more drama than the Joshifer fandom.

So, that’s comforting.

Do you ever think that when we go round in circles looking at this that the may be truth is stranger than fiction and CM JL have hooked a couple of times which is why they won't say they haven't?

Actually yes. Last Friday I had a long discussion about this very thing. I have a pretty open mind and I consider most of the sides.

And it doesn’t fit. At all, the timeline, the way in which it is being handled and the events leading to and surrounding the announcement give it very little possibility into my mind.

If I am wrong then I am wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Ok, its probably nonsense but my theory is that they're trying to create an older image for Jen, lots of people says she's too young to play those DOR parts and she agreed to this PR with Martin and Goop so the public sees her in a different light, for her upcoming movies. She already said that her people are very good at these things like that Esquire photoshoot she did so XMen producers saw her as sexy, there's lots of things she does but I don't have enough space to list in this ask.

Okay….but she doesn’t need to do that. She’s 24. And fuck DOR, he’s an asshole. She can play older parts, she has all along, she won an Oscar playing a woman in her late twenties.

I just don’t buy that as a reason, sorry.

Audio - JHutch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Josh Hutcherson accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

That MC article gives me the impression that Jennifer and NH were fine with each other being 'flirty' or sleeping with other people whilst they weren't together. It's like their friends with benefits..

Different strokes for different folks.

A for effort on the homework.

The biggest LOL of all is JH is the only one of her friends she is NEVER seen with outside of a HG context yet every bts extra every pap pic its clear they really are friends, they say they are friends. It adds to the speculation. If they were seen hanging out in a group of friends now & then it would make much more sense and even lessen the fan theories. LMFAO

Oh no I disagree, it wouldn’t lessen the speculation at all. It would make it worse. Mostly because they don’t act like just friends when they are together.

I don't get why they want to link Jen with anyone. Why not just let her keep her head down as she has been doing. So what if a fandom speculates on her being with Josh. The media will link her to any bloke she stands next to for more than 10 mins. Let her stand next to a few random celebs now then get a nice lot of rumors out there and let her get on with whatever she is doing this summer.

I need to use the word “bloke” more often. It’s a solid word.

I agree.

Why doesn't PR listen to the vids and vet before releasing them. It would be so much easier than setting up Pap pics. LOL Just make her stay away from the mic!

Shhhhhh…..nothing happened….just focus on his wet t-shirt and his nipples and the adorable way he runs.

That was not the voice you thought it was.

*Jedi hand wave*